In addition to integrated logistics, we work with the dream of building a better Brazil. We are confident that the economic growth of a company is directly linked to ethics in the relationships with all its stakeholders. With this in mind, we believe that enterprises contribute to the development of a just and perfect society, aside of winning competitive notoriety that praises its image, growth and results. We have goals compatible with global corporate sustainability standards, we respect diversity and preserve the environmental and cultural resources for future generations.

Quality, productivity and cost certainly remain as fundamental aspects for the success of any company. However, in the era of Global Pact, it is not enough. ACCESS GLOBAL increasingly perceives that behind every single business relationship a broader bond is established, challenging it to position itself towards important social and environmental issues not only for its well-being but also for the future of all society.

Its people and brands are the greatest assets it has, and together they become even stronger for the social integration it seeks to achieve. In this direction, through the Center for Research and Development of Conductive Education PASSAROS DE LUZ project, the company is helping to care for infants, children, teenagers and adults to have a healthy start in life, rebuilding skills through specialized care of conductive education for people with neuro motor disorders.

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