The main focus of ACCESS GLOBAL is directed to the integrated and customized solutions thus ensuring a constant relationship with its customers and partners.
ACCESS GLOBAL stands out for the vast logistical expertise at all stages of the supply chain from a single international shipment even to the most complex operation.

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Oil & Gas

The success of the initiatives in the oil and gas sector and the growing development of the petroleum potential and energy of Brazil led the Group to focus much of its synergy in activities for the offshore segment.

 ACCESS GLOBAL offers a range of services to the oil and gas industry, especially regarding the exploitation areas in the waters of the state of Santa Catarina.

Its offshore network can support businesses from conception to completion, starting from the supply of specialized information in the pre-design, vessel and crew licenses, covering a wide range of services.



ACCESS GLOBAL acts as a consultant in logistics and chartering, offering cost-effective solutions and excellence in tailor made services according to the needs of customers operating in the multimodal cargo transportation and voyage or time chartering operations of ships. By means of this initiative, our company provides a business alternative to our customers and suppliers with updated lists of shipments and vessels. Our correspondents, located in the main chartering centers, keep us constantly up to date with the shipment and vessel requests from around the world, providing us with a global vision of the international market. We are able to offer vessels for general cargo, dry and liquid cargo, container cargo, dry bulk cargo, fertilizers, steel, forest products and other merchandise of the Brazilian and international markets.


Shipping Agency

ACCESS GLOBAL offers effective solutions, extensive experience enabling them to offer their Principals a thorough knowledge of the market and its cargoes, with a significant network of relationships with all players in the foreign trade sector. Confidence, agility, efficiency, economic solvency, constant technological innovation and a human group oriented to understand the needs of their customers, are some of the attributes of the services provided by the General Agency role that ACCESS GLOBAL is ready to deliver.

Through its maritime and port agency services, ACCESS GLOBAL builds a commitment to act “on behalf” representing shipping companies, guiding and advising their clients be them ship-owners or charterers optimizing their vessels´ operations in the ports of call. Thus, for ACCESS GLOBAL it is fundamental to deliver effective information, ensuring a detailed control of operating costs, establish accurate forward planning of activities in the port, with synergy and responsiveness to the required demands.

These are some of the services available to ship-owners:

  • Commercial Representation with national coverage;
  • Sale of freight and bookings;
  • Studies and analyzes of cargo trend in the markets;
  • Container administration and inventory services;
  • Shipping documentation;
  • Financial services associated with freight and demurrage of containers (Demurrage control);

Port Operations

ACCESS GLOBAL uses in its business network several terminals in Brazil, offering expertise, agility and tailor-made rates associated with the volume and type of commodity. This partnership guarantees safety and reliability in the process. ACCESS GLOBAL is prepared to carry out port operations with project cargo, general cargo, cellulose and steel products, supported by software and suitable modern equipment that accompany the product from the delivery of cargoes to their destination. It also carries all the customs clearance process – export documentation – loading and shipping the product.

Carregamento e descarregamento de navios Break Bulk

Loading and Unloading Ships

Breakbulk ships can carry a diversity of cargos, packed or unpacked, from dry to reefer goods.

The loading and unloading breakbulk cargo vessel differs from what occurs with full container ships (more automatized operation), but also requires trained personnel and adequate equipment to process the operation in a safe and swift manner.