Logistic Solutions

The main focus of ACCESS GLOBAL is directed to the integrated and customized solutions thus ensuring a constant relationship with its customers and partners.
ACCESS GLOBAL stands out for the vast logistical expertise at all stages of the supply chain from a single international shipment even to the most complex operations.

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International Air Freight

ACCESS GLOBAL offers a fast and effective shipment service for air transport requirements, both for imports and for exports.

ACCESS GLOBAL´s expertise in customs formalities and network of agents in major world gateways ensure the best transit times and excellent cost/benefit relation in all operations.


International Maritime Freight

More than simply negotiating freight rates, ACCESS GLOBAL´s philosophy is to unite interests, transforming importers and exporters into business partners, offering them cost-effective and innovative solutions.

ACCESS GLOBAL offers to its customers not only first class ships and shipping lines, ensuring punctuality and fast transit times, but also provides information on the frequency to main destinations, both for import and for export.

As a NVOCC, ACCESS GLOBAL offers export FCL and LCL containers and project cargo from all Brazilian ports to the world. Through its national and international network, it guarantees the same quality of service existing in Brazil to customer at the destination ports.


NVOCC – LCL Cargoes

ACCESS GLOBAL is aware the LCL mode of transport (Less than Container Load), as they do not fill a container, become an important part of the marine transportation system. Therefore it is also engaged in the development and improvement of this service which has been increasingly consolidating in some niche markets. Despite the bulk of imports from major ports in Asia, U.S., Central America and Europe to Brazil is based on consolidated cargo, ACCESS GLOBAL offers LCL cargo shipments with fast transit-times and economic efficiency which enhance the competitiveness of this option.


Project Cargo (OOG) and Hazardous Cargo

Project Load refers to any heavy or bulky cargoes, which due to their size or weight cannot be transported in conventional containers, requiring special equipment to accommodate it such as: trucks, ships or aircraft.

ACCESS GLOBAL is prepared to handle Project and Hazardous cargo (IMO) through its logistics network. After careful analysis and study of the project to understand the customer´s needs and expectations, it plans and develops efficient logistics solutions, in conjunction with the client, providing the necessary resources for implementation and management of services.


Warehousing and Distribution

The company has an area of 5,500 m², containing 3,000 pallets positions for temporary storage of cargo for a certain period of time.

Ideal for the containers un-stuffing , avoiding therefore high demurrage rates payable to ship-owners, aside of other attached advantages.

The storage operation by ACCESS GLOBAL consists of a set of functions such as receiving, unloading, loading, storing and caring of finished and semi-finished products and raw materials.


“Door to door” Trucking

Coupled with what we do best, ACCESS GLOBAL, through its accredited suppliers, provides road transport (Door-to-Door) for export and import cargoes to meet the specific needs of its customers. In this segment, it offers complete solutions, with centralized information and accountability, and a consequent reduction of costs. Operating across the country, we draw the best routes to ensure the main objective which is the most efficient logistics operation.